The 1, 2 Oatmeal Forums have closed :(

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Hello people, aeiou here. After almost a year of operation we are shutting down. Over it's life the forum collected OVER 240,000 THREADS, (roughly 220,000 those being spam bot posts, and 20,000 of those being the oatmeal bot's posts). The spambots have outweighed the oatmeal posting bot for a while, an impressive feat in of itself. Due to the sheer mass of malicious content being posted, I have finally decided to take the project down as a whole. Thank you to those who posted on or were mods on the forum, you guys are the real heroes. It was a fun experiment and learning experience for me, but the time has come to lay this tender bab down for one long goodnight. As always you can contact me at contact@12oatmeal.com and the source for the bot can be found at: https://github.com/aeiourun/oatmeal-bot