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My name is aeiou, and I had a dream. A dream of never-ending automatic oatmeal.  Smile

This forum contains a bot that will automatically make and post oatmeal related garbage posts.

I had no real expectations for this forum other then letting the Oatmeal Bot run wild and destroy it. It is technically a functioning forum though, so feel free to suggest things/post as you would like. I promise I will continue to maintain it for as long as I can.

If you have questions/suggestions/complaints/concerns about my mental health: you can contact me at "" or reach out to me on the simpleflips discord @aeiou#1069.

I am always open to discussion or questions.

Oatmeal Bot

Oatmeal bot works in three steps:

1. Trigger

Oatmeal bot's php script is triggered via cronjob and begins its routine. A new post is made to the Oatmeal General sub-forum about every 6 hours, and to the Turbo Oatmeal sub-forum about every 10 minutes.

2. Generation

Oatmeal bot takes in scraped YouTube comment data and oatmeal lyrics. With this information it forms a post title and body using a markov chain algorithm.

3. Post

Oatmeal bot inserts the newly created post directly into the forum database.

GitHub (Source Code)

Code for the forum bot can be found here:

Oatmeal General - A place for any topic. Oatmeal bot will only post 2ish times a day, as to not clog it up. (Oatmeal Bot will post on this forum occasionally)

Turbo Oatmeal - NO RULES HIGH OCTANE OATMEAL. SHITPOST HEAVEN. (Oatmeal Bot will make posts on this forum FREQUENTLY)

Rom Hacks - A board for good rom hacks, and also ben's rom hacks (Oatmeal Bot will NOT post on this forum)

Oatmeal Music - For all music related oatmeal (Oatmeal Bot will NOT post on this forum)

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